Guys this coffee place has just opened up in Prishtina and I’m in love with it. The interior is so simple and  beautiful. It’s called Tartine and if you live in Prishtina or if you are planning on coming here for a visit, I suggest you go to this place, you will love it.12




 I’M WEARING >> Dungarees: Pimkie | Blouse: OVS | Ring: Krenare Rakovica (handmade) | Trainers: collezione |

It’s been a time now since I’ve been posting on my blog and I thought that it’s time to start knowing each-other better so on today’s post I decided to tell you more about myself. I’m sharing 5 things you didn’t know about me.

  1. I’m a cat person. I love animals in general and I always wanted to have a cat or a dog as a pet but because I live in an apartment, I thought it would be selfish to get one. I so love dogs too but I just have that thing for cats that I can’t explain.
  2. I speak italian! I’m still learning but I’m in the last level. I’m learning it in the language school called Britannica, which I think is the best language school in Kosova.
  3. Pinterest is my favourite social network. Pinterest is a lifesaver for keeping your ideas more organized and it helps you find inspiration (something we all need).
  4. I’m a coffee person. As you could see from the photos haha. I like tea too but if someone asked me which one you can’t live without, of course my answer would be coffee.
  5. My favourite bands for the moment. These last few days I’ve been listening on repeat Oscar and the Wolf and 21 Pilots, but there are many many more favourite musicians that I just love but I’m saving them for another post hahaha.

So these were 5 things I decided to share with you, now you tell me something interesting I’d love to know  more about you.

P.s. Tomorrow is friday!!!

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