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IM WEARING>> Jacket and Bag: Mango | Pants: Massimo Dutti | Sunglasses: Lindex |

So here is part 2 of my trip to Istanbul!!

This is the longest post I’ve ever posted but I had to share all the photos with you since I loved them all. As you can see from the photos we went to visit Galata tower, then we visited SALT Galata , the Blue Mosque and on the end of day we visited Galata Bridge which I loved it the most because the view was amaaazing.  SALT is not a museum, but a venue that stands for innovation. There was a library in the first floor and than on the other floors there were coffee shops, workshop rooms etc. It was brilliant!  Right when we were done with visiting places there was a concert waiting for usss. Beirut performed in Istanbul so of course we had to go haha. That concert was cherry on top!




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