I’M WEARING- Jumper:Ovs, Backpack: Mango, Trainers: Vans, Sunnys: Six

Yesterday was just the perfect weather for a little trip. Me, my sisters and my Mom decided to do a little girls day out, so we went to Skopje.

 Since I’ve been busy lately studying, It was impossible to do shootings for posts, so yesterday  was the perfect time for a little shoot. I decided to dress cozy since I wanted to feel comfortable during the whole day, and what’s better than a jumper in that case. And I wore a skirt because it was 26°, felt like summer.

The part where I had the most fun yesterday was visiting the old part of the city since it was quieter and prettier and we had to do a little texture shopping which is my favourite kind of shopping ‘couse I sometimes like to design my own clothes. I feel like they’re more unique.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that i cut my hair again and this time quiet short haha. I feel more like myself with short hair, so this is how I’m keeping them for a while until i get bored and decide to grow them back again.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and don’t forget to follow me on instagram and facebook for daily updates xoxo.

TEA ♥️

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